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Julie's Serenity Spa & Yoga

Relax ~ Replenish ~ Restore


I believe in a holistic approach to health:  we are whole systems and when there is imbalance in one area, there is imbalance in the system. This is why I offer a wide variety of services, including Reflexology, Reiki, Facials, and Body Treatments, as well as teaching Yoga and Meditation.  These services all promote health and wellness on multiple levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Reflexology feels wonderful but it can also help to pinpoint and address physical issues in the body, including shoulder, hip and digestive issues.  Reflexology can also be helpful in relieving stress, calming the mind, and experiencing relaxation, which can assist with sleep.

Reiki can be helpful for soothing and releasing emotions and stress.  When we are not stressed, we tend to sleep better and hold fewer tensions in the body.

A facial is more than skin deep!  Yes, a facial will address skin goals and concerns, as well as an individual home care plan, but an important component is the relaxation of the body and mind.  This is where the real magic happens! 

Body treatments brighten, smooth and nourish the skin, relax the body and allow for stillness and quiet time, a key component for healing.

Yoga helps us to become more aware of ourselves and our habits, revealing areas where we can make positive changes to improve our breathing, and focus, as well as inviting fluidity, strength and relaxation into the body and mind.


No matter which service you choose for yourself, my goal is to support you on your path to health and wellness.


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