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Holistic Facial -- This facial is customized according to the client's needs, using products and protocols

appropriate to skin condition and client goals.  Relaxing for body and mind; balancing for the skin.         $80

Eye Restore --  Soothe strain, fatigue, puffiness and soften lines.  Combination of product, technique and technology.                                                                                                                                   $55

Seasonal Facials -- Relax and restore balance, using essential oil blends and FAZR techniques.           $70

Neck and Decollete -- Skin care, massage and yogic techniques are used to help address sagging, sun damage and wrinkles                                                                                                                     $55   

Anti-aging Facial-- Help retain elasticity, hydrate, plump, and smooth                                              $85   

Deep Cleansing Facial -- Cleanse, balance, extractions (if appropriate)                                            $90    

Microdermabrasion  -- Brighten skin, treat enlarged pores, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles         $110 

Gold Collagen Firming Facial -- Smooth, firm and support collagen production                                $100

*Lip Treatment -- Soothe, plump and brighten your lips when you add this treatment to your Holistic Facial for an additional                                                                                                                            $25

New!  GEMSTONE FACIAL --Lift, sculpt and relieve tension using the Gua Sha technique                   $90


Reiki -- An energy healing session to release, relax and soothe mind and body.   60 min.                                                                             $75

Salt Glow --  An exfoliating treatment to restore, refresh and polish the skin.  Say goodbye to dull, dry, flaky skin!                                         $70

Back Facial --  We can't see or reach back there but the skin on our backs needs attention too.  Exfoliation to brighten, a mask to nourish, acne or sun spots can be addressed too.  And to finish, an oil application with hot stones.                                                                                         $75

Hot Stone Massage  --  Allow the healing powers of warm jade stones to help you relax and unwind.  Please note that this is not registered massage therapy, and therefore, not covered by benefit programs.   60 min.                                                                                                             $70


Increase the luxury when you add on to one of the above services

*Nourishing Mud Wrap -- for feet/calves or hands/forearms.  Helps to soothe muscular tension and symptoms of arthritis as well as treating  dermatitis, psoriasis and inflammatory skin conditions.                   $20   

*Paraffin Wrap— A warm, hydrating wrap for hands or feet that helps to plump skin and soothe arthritic aches.                                      $15   

*Hot Stone Foot Massage — Feels so good for those cold, tired, aching feet.  Add to any foot treatment for just                                        $15

*Scalp Massage—Sooo relaxing!  10 min.                                   $15  


Pedicure — Foot soak, foot scrub, cuticle care, foot filing, nail

trimming and filing, polish application and foot massage                   $60

Polish-free Pedicure                                                                      $55

*Men's Pedicure — Foot soak, foot scrub, cuticle care,  nail

trimming and filing, foot filing and massage.  Emphasis on proper

trimming techniques and callous removal.                                        $50


Eyebrow wax                                                                                $20

Upper Lip or Chin wax                                                                 $15

Lip/Chin Combo wax                                                                   $20

Eyebrow Tint/Wax Combo                                                          $35

*Add an eyebrow wax to your facial, body treatment, pedicure or foot treatment for $15.



Foot Reflexology--A holistic treatment focussed on the feet.  Deeply relaxing and helps to restore the body to a state of homeostasis.  *Please see the Reflexology page for more details.

60 min. session                                                                            $70

Facial AcuZone Reflexology--A treatment for the head and neck  that uses reflexology, Chinese accupressure points, lymphatic drainage, muscular massage and Indian marma points to relax the body, and help ease issues pertaining to the head and neck.  Please see the Facial AcuZone Reflexology page for more details.

45 min.                                                                                       $60

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