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We carry a full range of high quality, Canadian made products for any skin type.  No artificial fragrances, colours or harmful chemicals.  Please enquire with your skin care goals and I will be happy to advise you on product selection.  Below you will find just a few of the products I have available. 

Julie's Skin Care Must-Haves!

Moor Spa Cleansing Milk  --  For drier skin, like mine, this is the best face cleanser.  It can be used to remove eye makeup too!

Hydrating Toner  --  A drink of water for the skin!  Perfect after cleansing and also throughout the day if you're heated up or your face mask has sucked the moisture out of your skin.

Eye Zone Balm  --  My absolute favourite eye cream ever!  It glides on smoothly, hydrates, soothes and doesn't make my eyes itchy or watery.

Supreme Cream  --It's like silk for the skin.  Moisturizes, boosts collagen and skin regeneration and provides a smooth finish.

Moor Spa Facial Polish  --  My "quick fix" skin trick.  This gem exfoliates, brightens, smooths and softens.  I use it 2x weekly and whenever I need a quick fix.

Radiance Serum  --  Love this for diminishing sun spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.  It's soothing too and simply amazing! 

Platinum Growth Factor Serum  --  My newest love, to promote overnight skin repair and anti-aging.

SPF30 + Face Cream  --  Broad spectrum mineral sunscreen with light tint.  No chalky whiteness and can be used as a face cream too.  Use it EVERY day.

Green Cricket SPF30 Lip Balm  -- Softly tinted and glides on like a dream.  I am a lip balm snob but this one is great!

Moor Spa Hand Sanitizing Spray  --  Not harsh, drying or sticky like some of those other sanitizers. Contains Western Red Cedar Leaf Oil, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to soothe the skin.

Green Cricket Foaming Hand Wash  -- Gentle on the hands (and I wash mine A LOT). Comes in Lavender or Beach scent (coconut).

Tension Balm  --  Helps soothe muscle tension and headaches.  This stuff is truly amazing!  I use it on my shoulder and neck after a long work day.

4-in-1 Bar Soap --  Best I've ever tried for dry skin!  Perfume-free and I even use it for shaving.

Rasa Ayurveda VATA Abhyangha Oil  -- For daily self-massage and client massage, especially in the winter, this is my go-to product.  The texture is smooth, the smell is calming and the oil is so nourishing to dry, depleted skin.

Rasa Ayurveda Pitta Facial Elixir -- Reactive skin?  Prone to redness?  This oil for daily use on the skin is my fave.  It gives me great glide with my gua sha, while calming and nourishing my face.

Rasa Ayurveda Rose Water  --  Hot flashes anyone?! Heated up in the summer?  Irritated? Spritz this on your face and neck to instantly cool and refresh.  This is a must-have for Pitta people!

There you have it.  These are the products I love and use ALL THE TIME.  There are many others that I can recommend for your unique needs.

If you are looking for creative skin care solutions, please use the contact form below, or send me a text.


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